Yoga and Health

Welcome to my space, it's nice to have you here :)

Having worked many years as a Tech Consultant and practiced Yoga at the same time I feel home in both worlds. What always fascinated me, was supporting and inspiring people to find solutions to their individual challenges. 


My regular Yoga practice inspired me to become a Yoga Teacher myself. I’m more than happy having now the opportunity to share with you all that I’ve already learned and everything I'm still learning along the way. I offer Vinyasa Yoga, Budokon Yoga, Yin Yoga, Business Yoga and Personal Yoga classes, both online and offline in Hamburg.


'Yoga teaches me every day to be happy with what I have, be brave enough to start over and over again, live a healthier life, see the good in every situation and above all, increase my overall wellbeing'. 

- Sibille Quentin